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Information on the Coronavirus to Help Support Your Practice

Monday, Mar 16, 2020

Information on the Coronavirus to Help Support Your Practice

The Florida Dental Association (FDA), along with the American Dental Association (ADA), is actively monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 and will keep members updated on any new developments and recommendations to support the health and safety of Florida dentistry patients and dental health personnel. The FDA is closely monitoring this situation and updates from the CDC, the World Health Organization, the Florida Department of Health, the Florida Board of Dentistry and Gov. DeSantis.

To help support your practices and communications with patients, we are providing you with resources and templates that you can tailor to communicate with your patients and staff and address their questions relating to COVID-19.

In this toolkit, the FDA provides the following documents you can customize for your patients and staff:

  • Template email for patients
  • Social media content to share on your practice channels
  • Template language for your practice website
  • FAQ to assist your office staff with patient inquiries/questions
  • Template email for your internal communications with office staff

As this is an evolving situation, Florida dentists and patients seeking news and updates should visit:


Please visit to access these templates.