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One Day Wellness Course

Date: 4/17/2020
Time: All Day
Short Description: The Mouth-Body Connection is Real! Want to add incredible value to your patient experience? Want to learn about “permanent lifestyle change” in a way that resonates with every one of their 110 trillion cells?

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This fact filled inspirational program will:

  •  Expand your knowledge of the Mouth-Body-Mind connection
  •  Understand why certain patients do not respond well to your hygiene programs
  •  Learn how periodontitis increases the odds of someone developing insulin resistance two-fold.
  •  Recognize the destructive INFLAMMATORY CASCADE in your patient.
  •  See that insurance companies are beginning to recognize the power of enhanced dental coverage to
  • lower hospital costs & decrease MD visits for their diabetic patients
  •  Make the connection between diabetes, insulin resistance, & inflammation
  •  Learn how to spot the SLEEP DEPRIVED PATIENT. Hint, 30% of Americans are shift workers and are living in a “jet lag” state.
  •  Discover how visceral fat behaves like an active organ releasing inflammatory cytokines causing havoc
  • throughout the entire body & mouth
  •  Learn the new science on GUT FLORA - human microbiome, probiotics and prebiotics
  •  Spot how stress shows up in your patient’s mouth
  •  Develop a VALUE-ADDED PRACTICE, inspiring patients to become RAVING FANS!
  •  Understand how chronic dehydration adversely influences your patient’s biochemistry
  •  Calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) easily for yourself or your patients
  •  Identify 7 KEY foods & lifestyle habits that contribute to inflammation – EAT THIS, NOT THAT!
  •  Learn which exercises best fight inflammation in your body
  •  Put into practice some simple solutions to modify your patient’s behaviors
  •  Implement a new dimension to your treatment planning.
  •  Learn an easy two-minute script to educate & motivate your patients